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250,000 VND

LadyBalance® vaginal tablets to restore natural pH and maintain vaginal health – Box of 1 blister x 12 tablets

• Treats and prevents bacterial vaginosis, unpleasant vaginal odour, discharge, dryness, itching, irritation and soreness.
• Restores natural pH and maintains vaginal health.
• 100% natural composition with mechanisms to respect natural laws.
• Origin: LadyBalance ApS, Denmark.
• Exclusively ditributed by EA Pharma.

• Free ship nationwide with purchase order over 300,000 VND.
• Hotline: 0982 494 065 – 024 3773 9719

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Nguyen Healthcare is exceptionally proud to introduce to all women the LadyBalance® vaginal tablets from Denmark – the world’s happiest country from Northern Europe, with the most rigorous quality control standards. LadyBalance® is a natural vaginal intimate care which is used for preventing and supporting the treatment of bacterial vaginosis and increasing sexual desire of women.

At present, vaginal health care philosophy of LadyBalance® is unique in the world, including products which contain nutrients for acid lactic bacteria.

LadyBalance® is considered a revolutionary medical advance, having a great positive impact on the prevention and treatment of bacteria vaginosis.

LadyBalance® is researched and developed by LadyBalance ApS, Denmark. The principle of LadyBalance® is unique in the world, therefore the invention of LadyBalance® has been patented by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization).

LadyBalance®: The Trusted Friend of Every Women

With LadyBalance®, the flawlessness which is naturally given to women’s intimate part will be always respected and preserved, women will be more confident in life, more successful in their career, and expecially more attractive and passinate in love.

LadyBalance®: Convenient Use and Easy Storage

LadyBalance® meets the most rigorous quality control standards in accordance with European standards, the product is granted a quality certificate, free sales certificate and patent by WIPO (Group Intellectual Property Organization). In Vietnam, LadyBalance® has been granted license by the Ministry of Health from March 21, 2012. LadyBalance® is imported and distributed exclusively through European American Pharmaceutical Distribution Co., Ltd. (EA Pharma).

Patent granted by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization)

Certificate of LadyBalance® Exclusive Distribution



EC Certificate
Free Sales Certificate
Certificate of Registration (WIPO)
Techinical Desciption
Certificate of Exclusive Distribution


Simon Emery
Issues related to some users of LadyBalance experiencing stinging and pain
Lactose vaginal tablets- Candida infection
Báo cáo lâm sàng LadyBalance


LadyBalance® is a prebiotic which restores natural pH and maintains vaginal health and effectively support the absolute treatment of bacterial vaginosis and especiall y increase sexual desire.
LadyBalance®: NATURALLY preserves the flawlessness
LadyBalance® is a natural vaginal intimate care by providing lactose, a type of sugar found in milk, as a specific nutrient for lactic acid bacteria which produce antimicrobial substances, enhancing the natural protection barrier to prevent and effectively support the absolute treatment of bacterial vaginosis, unpleasant vaginal odour and discharge, vaginal dryness and itching, vaginal irritation and soreness. With LadyBalance® , the flawlessness which is naturally given to women’s intimate part will be always respected and preserved, women will be more confident in life, more successful in their career, and more attractive and passionate in love.
LadyBalance® : The trusted friend of every woman
A life full of love and happiness is the dream of every woman. Maintaining a healthy vagina is one of the important factors to realize this dream: LadyBalance® helps you ensure this factor.
LadyBalance® is used for preventing and supporting the treatment of bacterial vaginosos:
• Bacterial/ Gardnerella vaginosis
• Vaginal fungal/ yeast infection
• Vaginal discharge of unpleasant smelling nature
• Vaginal dryness and itching
• Vaginal stinging and irritation
• Excessive sexual activity
LadyBalance® is highly recommended by leading gynecologists and sexologists, amongst them, Gynecologists, Gabriella Liisberg, specialists in the area of women’s problems and Sexologist, Helle Koldso. A user-survey consisting of 752 women having received LadyBalance® proved, once again, effective.
LadyBalance® : Intimate care for women
This is the personal story of Igne Dorthe Hansen, microbiologist and the originator of LadyBalance® cum president of LadyBalance® ApS, Denmark.
“I was attending a church concert, dressed in my best clothes, stylish and graceful. Then I noticed an unpleasant smell. It got worse when I moved. I was horrified – it was me ! I rushed home to wash myself and put on clean underwear but nothing helped.” Inge went to her foctor who diagnosed bacterial vaginosis(BV) and prescribed antibiotics – but the problem kept coming back.
With the deep knowledge of a microbiologist, after doing research, she concluded:
“ It is all about getting the right balance in the vagina…Both the beneficial lactic acid bacteria and the harmful bacteria are normally present and it is not clear why the harmful bacteria sometimes take control…When the vagina is not sufficiently acidic and the wrong bacteria take over… Therefore the problem will be solved if we can find a method to control the beneficial bacteria and their acid production.”
With that unique approach to this problem, in 2005 she began her own research into a product which is able to provide nutrients for lactic acid bacteria. The result was amazing: 12 hours after using the product smell disappeared. Following this success, the research was developed into a vaginal tablet: LadyBalance® was launched to prevent and support the treatment of bacteria vaginosis.
LadyBalance® : Make us become civilized and modern women
Women nowadays spend plenty of time, effort and money on appearance, however, they should make sure that their most intimate part should be paid attention to and receive sufficient care as well.
LadyBalance® should be used daily to ensure vagina receives regular and proper care so that infection could be prevented.
With LadyBalance® , every woman will become elegant and sophisticated when adopting the habits of civilized life.


LadyBalance® is a vaginal tablet of 1200 (1.100-1.300)mg, dividable into two pieces, consisting of 96 (95,5-99,9)% lactose monohydrate, Ph. Eur grade, (0,3-2,0) % magnesium sterate, veg. , (0.1-2.5)% silicum dioxide (Syloid AL-1FP).
The components are mixed and pressed into tablets without further additives or processing aids.


LadyBalance® can be applied according to percepted need, but to take best care of vaginal health, LadyBalance® tablet should be used everyday.
LadyBalance® is a prebiotic which restores natural pH and maintains vaginal health.
Intended use: Reduces unpleasant vaginal odour and discharge associated with bacterial vaginosis (BV). Relieves vaginal dryness, itching, irritation and soreness.
Instructions for use: Insert the tablet deep into the vagina using a clean finger. Moistening the tablet may help insertion.
Treatment: Use 1 vaginal tablet daily until symptoms improve (usually 1-2 weeks for low grade chronic or recurring problem, unpleasant odour and discharge).
• Antibiotic combination treatment: Use ½-1 tablet daily after antibiotic treatment (for high grade bacterial vaginosis).
• Prevention, maintaining natural pH and vaginal health: Use ½-1 vaginal tablet on alternate days, as required.
Contents: Lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide.
Do not use if you are allergic to milk – contains traces of milk proteins. LadyBalance® can be used in cases of dietary lactose intolerance.
See your doctor if you have vaginal pain, bleeding or a yellow-green unpleasant smelling discharge – you could have Trichomoniasis.
Not recommended if you are also using vaginal products containing bacteria or yeasts (including milk-based products) – this could reduce the effect of LadyBalance® or cause adverse effects.
LadyBlance® is intended for women in all ages (not children).
LadyBalance® can be used during pregnancy and breast feeding but see your doctor if you think you have an infection during pregnancy. If symtoms persist, see your doctor.
LadyBalance® is for vaginal use only – avoid swallowing the tablet due to risk of choking.
Keep dry and out of the reach and sight of children.
Possible side effects: Clear or gritty discharge (1 in 10 users); light incidents: yeast smell, urge to pass water, headache, itching, spotting (light bleeding) (1 in 100 to 1 in 10 users). These improve after stopping treatment.


EC Certificate of Council Directive (EC)
Free Sales Certificate (FSC)
Certificate of registration (WIPO)
Techinical Desciption -MD


Simon Emery
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54 reviews for LadyBalance®


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