Nguyen Duc Health Care Company Limited, abbreviated as Nguyen Healthcare, operates in the field of pharmaceuticals, functional foods, cosmetics and medical equipment, always respecting the philosophy: “Only bring to customers the best quality products ”.

All products on the website are genuine imported by Nguyen Healthcare and exclusively distributed in Vietnam, originating from countries with strict quality inspection standards such as Denmark, Germany, France, Canada , USA … These products are produced by companies with a long history, with the most advanced technology today.

Nguyen Healthcare hopes to please you.

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Steripharm GmbH & Co.KG, Germany – The specialist in developing folic acid-based products for women trying to conceive, conceive and breastfeed as well as other folic acid applications. In 2002, the product Folio® was awarded “Best Medical Product” in the category “products with folic acid” in Germany.


We align ourselves by the short guiding principle “Less is often more”. A woman needs only a few supplements during her pregnancy, when planning to become pregnant, and during lactation, in addition to a balanced diet, so that adequate nutrition is provided. A large number of vitamins and additional proteins are not needed (often advertised in different types of multivitamins tablets). Our products only focus on essential supplements.

We have set ourselves the goal of using our expertise in products with folic acid and B vitamins to provide as many women as possible before and during pregnancy, as well as during lactation an effective solution to prevents malformations and diseases in newborns.

By now, based on the number of pregnancies in Germany, around 45% of pregnant women in Germany take Folio® and / or Folio Forte® as a dietary supplement. Since 2004, folic acid products of Steripharm have been exported to many countries around the world and officially present in Vietnam from 2018 through Nguyen Duc Health Care Company Limited.

SteriPharm Export
Herderstrabe 29 | 61350 Bad Homburg v.d. Höhe | Germany

LadyBalance ApS was established on January 1, 2004 for the purpose of producing and marketing a patented product by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) for fishy vaginal malodour elimination and vaginal health improvement. LadyBalance ApS was founded and owned by Mrs. Inge Dorthe Hansen, the inventor of this patented method.

LadyBalance® is the only product in the world today that works with a completely different mechanism, by producing lactic acid. LadyBalance® supplies lactose as a nutrient for natural lactic acid bacteria which produce acid and maintain a healthy vaginal environment. LadyBalance® works by strengthening the natural protection barier of female body.

“LadyBalance® can solve a problem for many women and I think the product needs to be known to help many women around the world. So I chose to establish LadyBalance ApS to introduce product to the market, ”said Mrs. Inge Dorthe Hansen.

LadyBalance ApS
Karensdalvej 76, 7100 Vejle, Denmark